Great Experience OZORA 2018, Hungary

What a pleasure to visit the OZORA Festival in Hungary again this year! People from all over the world came to dance, talk, meditate, cook, listen to music and just let themselves drift. In addition to an international and multifaceted music program, there were artists of all kinds, offers for one’s own well-being as well as interesting lectures and workshops. Over the last few years, the area of “Common Kitchen” has grown more and more lovingly and is truly enchanting. A meeting point and really central point to cook and to get closer to people and to get to know new interesting food. In the following article I would like to highlight the awareness of the people and the idea behind Ozora and the international Psytrance Scene. Already at the airport in Hungary it was clear who wanted to travel to the Ozora. Ozorians recognize each other immediately. Why is that actually like this?



Just spreading thoughts, but I think it is our common spirit. A common consciousness that allows us to be just as we are with a very basic appreciation. For us, appearances do not count, nor do branded trousers or the new Ray Ban. We really don’t care how you walk around we want to recognize who you are! Our common consciousness passed through the depths of life, the experienced heights, knows the positive power of suffering and appreciates the good motivation. We want to love, we want to feel, we want to be. Each in its own area colorful and multi-layered assembled.



We believe that we are all on the same journey. We know that we all learn new things and respect everyone’s “new” without judging each other. We know that we are all doing our best already – even if it is not the same for everyone. We respect the limits of others and value trust and honesty. We try to live that, with which we feel overwhelmed, insecure and strange in the anonymous society.



We can meet without fear, without fear of the consequences of uncontrolled, free being. We can love each other, help the others, we can see how they are doing and we want to meet others of us. We want to connect, we want to share, we want to love, we want to be loved. And we’re a society. It’s beautiful and exists! We already doing. We continuing to spread our thoughts and set a good example.


Time changes, the common spirit of a society changes and never stands still. The stream of time, the dynamics of our living worlds also hold many challenges for us. We need to eat, we need a place to sleep, we need a home for our family. It unites us the great longing for freedom, truthfulness and community. A Festival is involved in “Society”. We buy and sell, produce waste and participate in it. We are also easily very equipped with the most diverse expectations and wishes for life and our fellow human beings.



We are confronted with robbery, untruth and moneymaking and take our part in it. We know that our effectiveness is easily directed to the outside. We have time for our inside (yes, without 5 times 3 different noises from the phone) We are not used to it, sometimes it feels like peeling yourself out of a kind of double coat, but you should keep it for later…we should not do. We are able to create a place where we give our best to live our longing together with our people, free of condemnation and pressure!

Thanks to all who make OZORA possible! Everyone makes OZORA Festival what it has become and developed since years!

We are great.
We are love.
We are one.

Everybody is important and contributes his part to the whole.

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