Interview with Emmanuelle Blanc

From author to fashion designer to author – what a journey. What a women. Read yourself:

Can you tell us a bit about you being an author?

Being an author gives me the wings to be free to talk & express myself with words & everywhere I am i can write, edit, post, share & get feedback. I like to be completely independent without a team for this new chapter of my life.

I had a lot of responsibilities for many years with a big team, so being an author is now just me & my words.

Nowadays you have so many tools & programs to have everything you need to self publish your book from scratch.

Thats so rewarding, I love the process and the creativity behind, it is very pleasant. I love writing with a pen & paper, old school. 😉

What are you writing about and in what style or format?

“Voyage of Discovery: Reclaim Your Inner Healer and Step onto the Path of Self-Awareness” offers a beautiful journey for any woman on the path of self awareness. This black and white illustrated journal will uplift you as you reconnect to your inner healer and artist. Filled with beautiful photography by the author, this journal is designed to help you navigate your inner terrain so you can solve life’s challenges with simple tools and instant action. Full of activities such as mantras, coloring pages, insightful quotes, gratitude rituals, and personal development practices, you’ll deepen into self love and wholeness so that you can create what you want in your life with ease, grace, and a positive mindset. With the Voyage of Discovery Journal, you’ll be inspired and empowered to heal all areas of your life, from the inside out!

When did you start?

I started in 1996 when my first detective book came out ….. and now since June 2018 again

I think there was a first publication decades ago, right?

Yes, Merci pour le scoop in 1996 in Paris, France published by Hatier Editions.

Regarding your fashion brands – can you tell us your story how you became a fashion designer?

I became a fashion designer in 1999 by selling french crepes in Goa flea market, each crepes sold I would go to Mapusa market & buy fabrics to stitch bandanas, etc.

I always wanted to have a different style than every body else.

In Europe i would travel to Belgium, Netherlands, England & Germany to buy my clothes. So i decided one day to start making my own designs so i could wear exactly what i wanted

Did you study anything around it, is it all self-taught or how did you gather your skills and knowledge?

No, i m self taught, no study. I see, i try, i do…

When talking to young creative souls, are there any hints for them by you on how to make their life easier or what to avoid and what to focus on to make them progress more smoothly?

I would say to not quit your dream, even if you think why designing clothes they are so many… Well, we all have a voice & public. Your character is unique & so will be your designs. Don’t compare yourself & keep your head up. There is a market for everyone, everywhere, if this is your call, answer it.

You recently moved to Maui in Hawaii. That’s amazing. How is life there?

Maui is very inspiring, nourishing & lay back. I feel like i am back in Goa, 1987 when i first arrive in India.

I love the nature, local & the food. It s really a paradise island with a lot of spirits & magic

Where did you live before and what made you move there?

I lived in Los Angeles living the Hollywood dream

Are there any other creative realms you are active in we did not know about yet? Or what’s on your artist bucket list without the check mark yet?

No. I am focusing on publishing my guided journals, planners, memoir so i can help women healing themselves with alternative treatments & natural medicine.

Anything you would love to try but never took the time for yet?

I would love to jump out of an airplane with a parachute, go on a horse ride by the sea.

If you could implement a thought or habit into the new generations of humans – what would that be?

We all have a book in us… write your own journey & make it public so you can share your genius with everyone who need your brain.

Go with your gut, not with your fear.

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