Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival 2018, Germany

From 07.06.-10.06.2018 different kinds of electronic music were offered by DJs (Genre: Progressive and Psy Trance, Dark, Forest and Hitech, Techno, Chill and Ambiente, Deep House and Tech House) and live bands at the “Zurück zu den Wurzeln Festival”. Combined with workshops people could relax, enjoyed and celebrated sunfully days.

Music program was very good. On the Goa Floors they started slowly, at night it could go a bit wilder. In between there were smaller music stages, which completed the varied program.

The organisation of the festival was well done. They used ecological toilets , always great to have such technologies in use. To keep the nature clean, the organizers send out a team to support the visitors with fresh trash bags. Additional the organizers offered a challenge with a prices of cheaper tickets for the cleanest base to motivate people to be more aware about trash and nature. Water resources or the showers were a bit less.They will solve this out for the next year. The area was very clean, always possible to walk barefeet. The floors were in a good distance to each other, that no floor disturbs the other one.

Staff and security were friendly and always helpful. Social engagement has a high priority. Have a look on the croud founding campagne of this year.

There were many different food stands, at good prices. The stands were lovingly arranged. The market place was the central point of the festival. The campsite was very nice zps offered for camping.
There was also a separate part where workshops were offered. There were yoga, meditation, juggling and hulahup.

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