Seeds of Freedom Festival 2018, Portugal

From the same production team of Freedom Festival, emerge Seeds of Freedom manifesting the will to offer a sense of Freedom, Music and Art. In a year that Freedom Festival don’t take place and with a lot of requests from the crowd, after some reflection… We decided to create a 3 days festival in a beautiful expansive new site with a clear water river, green grass, good Music and Good Vibes.

All describe the edition of Freedom Festival 2005 as the best and most magical of all, back then we had little resources compared to now, but the key factor was the simplicity of the production, great Music and a great location. That attracted a fine crowd and together we created a sublime vibe…Let´s do it again!

This event will take place from 6 to 8 of July 2018, in a carefully chosen site, presented with the most natural beauty, comfort and fresh water and shades, which is essential in this season of the year in Portugal. Near an old granitic Village called Aldeia da Ratoeira, this place has a clear Celtic influence in its past, you can witness it in the old stone houses across the Village. The nearest Town is Celorico da Beira where you can find a train station, we are working with the Council to provide a shuttle from there to the event, for more information about the event and to purchase tickets online, please go to Seeds of Freedom !

Mondego´s river crosses the valley and all the event site, providing us with a natural swimming pool with good access from the dance floor, all covered in green grass making the space more pleasant in the Summer.

Good access to the site (10 minutes driving from the nearest exit of the motorway A25), wide landscape, camping area with pine trees, abundance of water is just some of the factors that make this place amazing. Located at the valley of Aldeia da Ratoeira in Celorico da Beira, Portugal. This sacred ground will be the stage for this upcoming event, that will for sure be a breath of fresh air to all of us who love Chill- out music, also to all those who believe in power of union through Psy-Trance universal language, Peace and Love…!

For that we choose an elaborate list of international top artists of all styles like Astral Projection, Crazy Astronaut, Kindzadza, Laughing Buddha, Cosmosis, Dust, Southwild, Disco Volante, Vertical Mode, Megalopsy, Zigurat, Iron Lotus, E-Mov, among many others… Also giving much attention to the visual part, wich for us is of utmost importance, and for that we have Simon aka Psy-Pix and MAE & MOA both great visual art projects and of course our Vj Wixarica Visions who will bring that Dance Ship to Life!!!
There will be a market area, great restaurants and chai shops (for more info contact ), we are working to offer a tipi hotel and a healing area as well.

All that in combination with our 17 years of  experience on the field makes it the perfect recipe for an epic event this Summer in Portugal, and who knows a good warm up session before Boom Festival

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