DJ Juggler

Pedro Gaspar’s musical career as a DJ started in 1999, when he began to play regularly in the PsyTrance parties of that time. He started his adventure in the production fields in 2008, with his solo project JUGGLING ( and with TECH TWIST, together with Xenzodiak (

His music can be described as a mixture between morning and night full-on, with lots of energetic rhythms and uplifting leads, always with a “dancefloor groove” on it. He’s signed to UNITED BEATS RECORDS (, one of the world leading labels of this genre, aswell to CRYSTAL MATRIX RECORDS ( Until this moment, JUGGLING released lots of tracks for some of the best labels in the PsyTrance scene, like United Beats Records, Crystal Matrix Records, Geomagnetic Tv, Biomechanix Records, Code Vision Records, Digital Drugs, Womb Records, Up!Noize Records, Psycro Records, SideWave Records to name just a few, as well as his debut Ep in PanMusic Records. Since 2009 he makes the FREAKY FICTION weekly parties in Europa Club, in the center of Lisbon (, where he brought already some of the most well known artists of the Global Psytrance scene to play.

In 2013 he gave some workshops in NEXTDJ, one of the leading music production courses in Portugal.At this time, he has played at major festivals and parties around the world, like Freedom Festival in Portugal, Full Moon Festival in Germany, Life Festival on Ireland, Green Trippin Camp Festival in Azores Islands, Heron Festival in Belgium, Waha Festival in Romania, HannaHanna Festival in Slovakia, Misticky Les Festival in Czech Republic, Connection Festival in Spain, Spiritual Healing Festival in Germany, Space Pirates Revolution Festival in France, Fullmoon Beach Festival on Netherlands, to name just a few…he played often too in AMERICA (Brazil and Usa), AFRICA (Morocco), ASIA (Russia and Turkey) and EUROPE (Portugal, Azores Islands, Spain, Ibiza, Canary Islands, Maiorca Island, France, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Greece, Macedonia, Norway, Malta, Romania, Sweden, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Denmark and Serbia).

For a near future, you can expect JUGGLING debut album, as well as a lot of killer Live Acts in the biggest festivals and parties around the globe.


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