TripPy MjaumiX

TripPy MjaumiX was born in the Mayan region in Guatemala, but now temperly lives around Scandinavia. Already at an early age she began to become interested in music and it was at age 16 she entered the electro mechanical stage.


Her debut as a DJ took place in early 2009 and she is now spinning decks on psytrance events, forest partys, live radio events and festivals. Her special sound and the driving flow makes a crazy vibe on the dancefloor. A touch of heavy, crazy vibes vs. radical dark intelligent psy. It’s aggressive, cocky, and gives a great dance  experience. It’s music with a muscle in it 😉

TripPy MjaumiX captures the dancefloor with her playfull energy presence behind the wheels and snitchy mixing skills. She’s been playing all around in Scandinavia and in Switzerland. A very proud member of the label DigitalShamansrecords and she’s been played alongside big names like HuxFlux, Ital, Illegal Machines, Mark Day, Dust, Fobi, Hutta Heita and Phobos. She loves to see the croud go crazy to her sets and wants the people to let loose, freak freely and fly high ^^

So just let it all go and enjoy the tripPy journey spaceheads.

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Label Digital Shamans Records


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