Passionately fond of Trance music since the middle of the nineties, DJ Psy”n”ethik became acquainted with Psytrance in June 2003, during the “Fête de la Musique” (music festival) in Geneva.


Already in 2004, he started mixing with vinyls, care of Insomniac Dreamers (Geneva), then on Final Scratch and finally on turntable CD. The organization of Psytrance events started as early as 2005 and develops through the group known as “TESCOLS FAMILY PRODUCTION” (T.F.P) in early 2006. He is influenced by many different styles (Dark prog, Psy prog, Forest…). He likes different artists such as Ocelot, Ajja, Aragorn project, Archaic, Arjuna, Kuro Fusion, Atomental, Atriohm, Chris Rich, Yab Yum, Dissociactive and Electrypnose.

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Label Digital Shamans Records


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