Looney Moon Records

After promoting Trance parties in Italy for many years, the illustrious crew of Looney Moon eventually decided to spread the vibe of their events to an international audience. And which better way could have been chosen than doing this via music? So Looney Moon Records was founded in 2008, drawing on a collective of promising and varied artists from the very first day.

Concerning the music, the two label heads DJ Fog and DJ Phobos manage to realize a refreshing independent underground style. Based on a very sophisticated approach towards production quality, Looney Moon stands for highly energetic, kicking bass sounds and catchy synthesizer riffs, escalating to twisted sound structures and uplifting breaks and finally joining all the musical forces again in an intelligent, harmonic and melodic groove. This sound philosophy is currently represented on the new compilation “Looney Mood” that lives up to its name pretty much and therefore includes some seriously mad dance floor bangers.


Live Act’s:

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