Illäusius is a twilight / nightpsy DJ and producer hailing from Osnabrück, Lower Saxony. His Path as a musician began in the early age of 6 when he started to play the drums. Always been fascinated and obsessed with Metal Music, he founded a Band when he was 12 years old – followed by a recorded album and many years of touring through northern Germany.

In 2008 he discovered his affinity to electronic music and soon fell in love with ableton and the sheer endless possibilities given in the production of this style of music. 2011 then marked the birth of “Illäusius” – focusing mainly on Psychedelic sounds. Starting with a more psygressive style he got successively fascinated with the darker facets of Psychedelic Trance, ending up with a true love for Twilight and Forest Sounds that finds expression in his tunes.

Willing to share his energy with like-minded people he started to bring his vision of music to the local dancefloors in 2015. Since then he’s been bringing up his passion for relentless and dark music at several well-known clubs and Festivals, such as the “Waldfrieden”-Club, the “Hai in den Mai”-, the ” Synaptic Eclipse”-Festival or the Psy- fi ” -Festival in the Netherlands.

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