Utkarsh alias Gastón is a psychedelic/forest/twilight Dj and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Utkarsh is Gastón, 31 years old native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. In his younger age he got influenced by artists of psychedelic rock, progressive, hard rock, etc. until one day fate made him discover goa trance. At dawn of this new road he experienced many wow factors and so he became more and more interested in the genre of psychedelic trance. All these feelings and emotions led him to discover his passion for Full On psychedelic trance and the art of Djing.

While his passion had been developing each and every day, Psyrockers Crew discoverd him and noticed his talent. That opened him many doors as they sponsered him to play at a number of parties.


His side project Fractal Invasion runs under the label Paramystical Records, Brasil



Releases at Hypnotique Recordings (Dubai)

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