Interview with Tristate

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Marina Tavares – How did music arrive in your life?

Tristate – It was always there.


Marina Tavares – When was your first electronic music party?

Tristate – If I knew, I would be lying.


Marina Tavares – How did you guys meet and create your project?

Tristate – Long story… 27 years ago.

Marina Tavares – How was it playing at Universo Paralello Festival 15?

Tristate – Awesome! Just awesome.

Marina Tavares – What do you think about the Brazilian electronic scene?

Tristate – Not what we expected, but surely exceeded our expectations!


Marina Tavares – What does Universo Paralello means in your life?

Tristate – An honor.


Marina Tavares – Where was your most remarkable presentation?

Tristate – Every presentation has formed us and is equally valuable. Thank you!


Marina Tavares – What are the news about tours and releases for 2020?

Tristate – Stay tuned.


Marina Tavares – Let’s finish with a message to your fans.

Tristate – Thank you very much, stay healthy and see you soon on some distant dance floor!

This post is also available in: pt-brPortuguês


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