Plc2b 2017-2019 Impressions of Progress

Nearly two years are gone and from time to time it is necessary to see what our energies have created so far. A lot of work was done by bare hands, little budget and just an idea in the first moment of this project. Now as you can fly through the pictures u can see the progress and therefore enjoy our latest album of happiness at our playground in Portugal where many people already have come together to celebrate and dance on our beloved space!

Many Upgrades have been made and its good for us to see our place getting more and more in shape to host our beloved guests to exchange our passion for Psytrance Culture. In order to exchange not only music our space is also open for the common spirit of our culture and its belongings combined with local traditions. We are surrounded by a beautiful landscape and an very intact biodiversity , so we have to take care of this natural heritage and so should you if you like to visit our place! Be inspired & cu on the floor and a magical spot in the south of Europe on the Algarve in Portugal! Enjoy our Impressions of Place2be No.1 & 2, New Years Eve, Backside of The Moon, Psychedelic Carnival and PsyMaios!

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