Fluffy Witch and Vici

(Miriam) is a decoration and performance artist from Wellerode near Kassel, born in 1978. She creates colourful sculptures and stuffed creatures from other spheres with mixed media and shows crazy performances at any given opportunity, for example with her fluffy puppets.

She also does any kind of bricolage. She has decorated her first techno party  with „Eve & Rave“ at Aufschwung Ost in Kassel in 1993, made the opening for „Documenta“ as well, since that she decorated a lot of parties and joined the „Weltaufgang-Kollektiv“ doing goa parties.

Vici is a visual artist from Trendelburg near Kassel, born in 1988. She has done commission drawing and painting since 2003, also made artworks for punk labels and bands. She had many Exhibitions of fine arts in the last years, some in underground locations, other in the context of “Documenta“ for example. She started doing psychedelic decoration in 2015, later joined „Weltaufgang“.

Vici creates surreal, abstract, psychedelic and political pieces of art, showing you different ways to feel and see the world. She does drawings, paintings, sculptures, stuffed creatures, screen prints, string arts, lycra, and different kinds of bricolages with mixed media. Vici met Fluffy Witch in 2015, since that they have done a lot of different party decorations together – goa and techno, chillouts, theme parties, indoor and open airs. Their creativity completed each other to a whole new level, they create worlds of colourful madness with phantastic creatures.

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