Participation wanted!

There are various opportunities for you to participate & energies here at or live on our Playground!

We are open for all kind of people who are willing to support with their art or work or ideas.
There is always something to do here in south of Europe! Based at the Algarve in Portugal we have a friendly
sunny and warm weather throughout the whole year. Our Land is completely Offgrid and powered by alternative energy!
Visitors are welcome and we are especially looking for supporters like

– Writers who want to write festival reports from your own country.
– Writers who write articles on other topics related to the Psytrancescene!
– Photographers – Have you ever taken pictures at festivals or are you interested in photography?
– Historical documentation – Are you interested in working on a Psytrance history?
– Musicians who seeking common sense & passionate to play & create psychedelic Sound!
– Artists who love to created psychedelic Decorations especially with natural materials!
– Craftsman, Permaculturists, Nature People who want to work in our Project for create our Land
– People who like to travel & work!
– Backpackers who want to visit our beloved Mama Gaia!

Maybe you have a topic on mind that hasn’t been covered on this site yet. Don’t hesitate to contact us

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