Turkey  Tree Of Life Festival 2012!

Jun 28, 2012 20:00:00 - Jul 3, 2012 20:00:00, Karagol Lake-Izmir Turkey.

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kontaktiert uns unter: info@electreelife.com

Tree of Life Main Stage Artist Line Up:

Live Artists:

Aerospace - (Digital Nature rec.)

Ajja - (Peak rec.)

Atma - (Bmss rec.)

Animatronica - (MK / Zoom Club)

Broken Toy - (Alchemy rec.)

Basic - (Hommega rec.)

Captain Hook - (Iboga)

Corona - (Solar Tec rec.)

Cosmic Tone - (Planet B.E.N./All rec.)

Deviant Species(Ambivalent)

Digicult - (Dacru rec.)

Dickster - (Nano rec.)

Day Din - (SpinTwist)

Eat Static - (Solstice/T.I.P World)

Etic (Digital nature)

Egorythmia - (Iono Music)

Entropy - (Doof rec.)

Electrypnose - (Peak rec.)

Flippers - (Tribal Vision)

Grouch (Zenon records)

Green Nuns Of The Revolution - (Flying Rhino/T.I.P)

Hypogeo - (Zenon rec.)

Jaia - (Tribal Vision)

Kox Box-(Twisted rec./Solstice)

Klopfgeister-(Iono Music)

Liquid Soul -(Iboga rec.)

Loud -(Nano rec.)

M.O.S-(Velvet inc./Medium rec.)

MindWave-(Iono Music)

Materia-(24/7 rec.)

Mind Complex-(Tree of Life Music)

Neelix - (Spin Twist rec.)

Nerve - (Medium rec.)

Phony Orphants -(Iboga rec.)

Peace Maker - (Phantasm rec.)

Perfect Stranger-(Iboga rec./Digital Structures)

Quantum- (Tree of Life Music)


Sensual Squeak-(Amplitudes rec)

Symphonix-(Blue Tunes)



Sychotria-(Bhooteshwara rec.)

Tetrameth-(Zenon rec.)

Techtonic -(Kundalini rec.)

True Lies -(Blue Tunes)

Tenka-(Hommega HD)

U-recken-(Tree of Life Music)

Waio-(Solar Tech rec.)

Whiptongue - (Loonei Moon rec.)

Xpiral-(Vagalum rec.)

Zen Mechanics - (Neurobiotic rec.)

DJ sets Tree Stage:

Ankytrixx Firefly (Digital Om. India)

Arkadius & Lil Momo - (Mosaico rec)

Boom Shankar - (Bmss rec.)

Ben Evans ( artifact events)

Critical Taste-(soundviecher.net)

Driss - (Hadra rec.)

Darwish - (Tree of Life Music)

Daksinamurti - (Nexus Media /S.S.T.)

El Mahico vs Spiros wom - (Amorphia)

Emok - (Iboga rec.)

fRANK E - (Twisted rec./Solstice) Old school set!

Guy Shanti - (Digital Nature)

Gleb Gold - (Tree of Life Music)

Huda G - (Vertikal)

JAMES MONRO - (Flying Rhino) Old School Vinyl set!

Janux (Third Eye / Mechanik Rec)

Kirstian - (Transient/Darcu) old school set.

Montagu & Golkonda - (Blue Tunes rec.)

Mapusa Mapusa - (Iboga rec. / Flow rec.)

Maelstorm - (Iboga rec.)

Mark F - (Whats for Dinner)

Master ND - (Boom rec.)

Mindpahser (natural high)

mayaXperience (Soundlab Pirates)

Nishan - (Digital Om)

Natron - (Solar Tech)

Osho - (Echoes rec.)

Paul Taylor - (Kundalini rec.)

P-mac - (Boom festival / Groove criminals music)

Sheff - (1605)

Spiros wom &El mahico (Amorphia)

SYNCHRO -(T.I.P World/ Liquid Audio Soundz) Old school Vinal set!

Tilt Axis - (Dooflex)

TMX Mind - (Elemental Evolution)

Tripical -(All rec.)

Xanex - (Nutek rec.)

Line UP on main stage is FULL!

plz do not send anymore requests thank you <<<<>>>>>

Flower of Life Live Chillout Acts:

- Argaman-(Tree Music)

- Blue Bliss-(Tree of life/Ovnimoon rec.)

- D-ther (GanjaTree Recs - BE)

- Eat Static-(Solstice/T.I.P World)

- Feel (GanjaTree Recs - GRE)

- Mikari (GanjaTree Recs - DE)

- OTT - (Twisted rec.)

- Psygasus (GanjaTree Recs - BE)

- SlackBaba - (Liquid rec.)

- The Orb - ( Sony Music )

- TripSwitch - (Section Records/Dragonfly)

Dj Sets Chill Out:

Dj Sets Chill Out:

Argaman-(Tree Music)

B.e.n. (Singularity)

Bahana (slowflight FX)

Dee Aura - (Tree of life Music)

Darwish - (Tree of Life Music )

D.J. Jason - (Corfu Psy Tribe)

Dj ehuty(Space caravan Brazil)

DJane Jinkx - (Panmusic Records BCN)

Dj Magick

Djane AhimSarah - (Swiss)

Eitan Riter - (Aleph Zero)

Emo-V (Mind manifest Project)

FishHimself - ( Ultimai /Freeze Mag.)

Foose (GanjaTree Recs)

Bayawaka ( simplyfly )

Junior X (IT records)

I.Mike (Akida Promo- Samothraki)

Kaiser (Singularity)

Ketastep - (Dubstep/Splice )

Kodomo (Habehabe Records)

LightRocker - (Spiritual Healing)

Lucid Picnic(Peak Rec. / Habehabe )


Mikari(Janja Tree Rec)

Nick Pall (IT records)

Nicoletta - (Plasquam rec.)

Cybersound (Mind manifest project)

Roztal Jiva (Mind manifest project)

Robin Triskele - (Triskele management)

twEEk (Wonderland project)

Voodoo Mantra.

War (IT records)

We also Except New Talents who love their chillout Music!

(Plz mail your soundcloud:t.o.l.festival@gmail.com)

Techno DJ sets.

Flower of life stage:

Emok - (Iboga rec.)

Guy Shanti - (Digital Nature)

Gleb Gold - (Tree of Life Music)

Huda G - (Vertikal)

Mapusa Mapusa - (Iboga rec. / Flow rec.)

Mark F - (Whats for Dinner)

Master ND - (Boom rec.)

Melodic remady - (Cacoon)

Osho - (Echoes rec.)

Sheff - (1605)

Woodsman(Zenon/UP records Australia)



Main Deco By the Masters@ "Flowers OF Life" team from Finland!!!


will be helping them:Our Crew from Mind Menifest Project from Turkey.

Visuals by the Masters:

El Geko.

Funney Astronaut.

IMIX Jaguar.

and many others!

Clothing and accessory shops are welcome to sign up and work at the festival Market for Ticket Prize Only!!~~

Unknown artists are Most welcome to sign up and join the "new talent contest" in visual and music categories.TBA shortly

website: Presales: http://electreelife.com/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Tree.Of.Life.Festival Official Event: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=101937773251914 Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/treeoflife-festival-2012 Youtube: http://www.youtube.

source: http://www.goatrance.de/goabase/party/details/60603


Karagol Lake-Izmir Turkey.

The place: 800 Altitude Mountain, Surrounded by beautiful nature and breath-taking landscapes.

totally isolated from civilazation.perfect festival whether.

We offer:

A large and shady campsite,near a lake!

Colourful and unique International Market.

Healing,Therapy&Workshop areas.

A wide variety of Health food from Local Turkish culture!.

And a BIG chill out area,

where you can eat,relax,and spread healing thoughts to the universe!

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