United Arab Emirates  RAVELATIONS Presents ABOMINATION | Dubai | 29 June 2012

Jun 29, 2012 21:00:00 - Jun 30, 2012 03:00:00, Dubai

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Date: Jun 25, 2012
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Doors Open: 9 p.m

For more Info:
E: info@ravelations.com
P: 050 4575 123 / 050 882 3435
W: [ravelations.com]



ABOMINATION (Mechanik Records/Mind Control /2I4U)


Artist Profile:



Label: Mechanik Records/Mind Control /2I4U

Abomination are: Saar Davidov (28) a talented DJ and Producer and Eyal Gershon (29) an experienced musician dominating a wide selection of musical instruments including Guitar, Keyboard and Drums.

This highly experienced team hold under their belts numerous amount of tracks released on Various artists compilations through practically all of the respected labels dealing with hard, kicking Psychedelic trance music, including: Nexus Media, 3D Vision, Acidance, Nutek, Mechanik Sound, Doof, Timecode, Digital Psionics, Yabai, Beyond Logic, Spectral, Reckless Rhythm, Apocalypse, Rudraksh and the list goes on and on...

Since the release of their successful debut album, "Enemy Within" (Nexus Media 2006), and their second studio album "Planet-X" (3Dvision 2009) the Abomination sound has been infecting masses of party enthusiastics all over the globe, placing Abomination in the forefront of the international circuit.

Abomination have toured the globe heavily, presenting & promoting their highly articulate innovative sound.

Abomination have collaborated with top international producers including heavy-rollers such as: Azax Syndrom, Shift, Slug, Shiva Joerg, Toxic, Painkiller, Phyx and Outer Signal.

Abomination are currently working on an EP that will showcase the old and the new, more info coming soon...

SUBNORMAL (Sangoma Records,India)

MENTAL DISTORTION (Ravelations, India)


Artist Profile:


Artist / DJ Name: Subnormal

Home Country: India/Dubai

Label: Sangoma Records, Universal Dance Records

Subnormal a.k.a Madd Nadd – the brain tentacle twister. If you unleash the beast on the dance floor youre gonna have to pay the price. Subnormal relates to muscle ignition that rips the floor and grips the mind. The weak-hearted scream to stop and the stompers scream or more. His style is so twisted it tremors the spine and traps the soul. Once heard, energy and madness will ooze out of your thoughts and as tired as you get...you will dance!! Its madness!!! Pure Insanity..Evil music! Not for the ordinary, not for beginners! Subnormal has opened at festivals and played around the world. Why? Because he is condemned with fierce ritual thats has made him curse the dance floor making sounds sound energetically powerful. Subnormal believes everyone deserve to sin, so let the sin begin!


Artist Profile:


Artist / DJ Name: Mental Distortion

Home Country: India

Label: Ravelations

Arnold Fernandes with his roots back in Goa found his love for music in the mid 90s and followed his way into the journey that had long begun. His curiosity pulled him toward these strange sounds and soon enough without a doubt he knew this filled the void between his inner self and the universe, thus Mental Distortion was born.

As the journey went on he kept exploring himself and soon realized that his mind was the helm of the trance dance experience through the night and with his powerful mind altering sounds he could capture all senses and transmit his story to the nerves of every individual on this unique journey.


Eurasia - The Club, Carlton Tower Hotel, Creek Road, Deira, Dubai


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