Spain  festival irracional de valdepielago

Jul 6, 2012 22:00:00 - Jul 8, 2012 12:00:00, valdepielago(leon)

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Date: Jun 1, 2012
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the place is close to mountains, so beware of very cold nights and hot sun during day. you will need shades, suncream and warm clothes
you must bring the things you will need, there is no food stands, bar, or water fountain
camping & van parking zone
no fire, please, this is very important
help keeping the place clean
infoplace from energycontrol ( [] )

main floor: fiv & friends(electronic, tecno, minimal...)

psy floor: ravespirit & friends(psytrance, goa, dark...)


-sean system...psytrance...ravespirit

-skarabo...goa psytrance...ravespirit

-sybannac...goa psytrance...ravespirit


ravespirit, fiv & friends


valdepielago, Leon


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