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A Festival which celebrates life, freedom, art and music in nature. The festival’s mission is to provide a unique and unforgettable experience where all participants are at one with nature while resonating with the art that is present, celebrating with likeminded people, respecting the environment and promoting critical capacity, education and knowledge.
Dates :29.06. to 01.07.2012 BOŽAKOVO (Metlika), SLOVENIA
The Koupadelik festival will be held on a beautiful riverbank of the calm and warm Kolpariver, close to the village Božakovo in Slovenia.
The festival is located about 100km from Ljubljana, SLO, 78km from Zagreb, CRO, 250km from Graz, AUT, 180km from Klagenfurt, AUT, 240km from Pula CRO and 180km from Trieste, IT. The nearest small town is Metlika which is about 5,5km from Božakovo.
Different workshops, lectures and art performances will be performed during the festival, but of course the Koupadelic Festival will not spare you your big dose of psychedelic music. Beside the Dancing Dragon crew, psychedelic music wizards from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Macedonia, France and Serbia will serve you the finest of what we call Universal Trance!
The area where the festival will be held lies in an unspoiled oasis right beside the Kolpariver, which offers good swimming & camping possibilities. So do not forget your swimming and camping gear.
As the Koupadelik Festival want's to be a sustainable, nature friendly festival right from the beginning, we also call you to contribute your part by keeping nature clean, simply by following the »leave no trace« philosophy.
As the area in this time of the year is very dry any kind of open fire is strictly forbidden!
Don’t forget repellents for the insects, as we are situated near the water.

Daily program :
• Zeitgeist Association- lecture
• Ecology and Residence: Eco Tree Houses. Construction technology and legislation
• How to build a composting toilet
• Permaculture, the future of organically grown food
• Creativity developing workshops
• Joga workshops
• Hosting the festival Mlade Rime (Young Rhymes). Rhymes to the accompaniment of musical instruments.
• Author movies by the students of AGRFT ( Academy of theatre, radio, film and TV)
Stay tuned with our website and FB page on the following months, as we’ll keep updating the list of artists performing at the festival.

IANUARIA, Hour Sounds Records []

Behind the Project “Ianuaria” is Josef Hofinger based in Austria.

I started treading my musical path at the age of 6, taking drum lessons at music school for 11 years, and during that time, i played in various kinds of bands and ensembles.In 1996 i started djingPsytrance and, caught by the fever, i started to produce my first own tunes in 2002.

My first album "Da capo al fine" (Hardboiled Records, 2007) brought me international credit and also some single track releases on Glowing Flame Records and various other labels.

Now i am signed with Blue Hour Sounds Records (http//, and after a successful, digital EP release (The full spectrum EP´s), I am ready to present my second album "Beware of the fish" in 2011.

It is all about music .I describe my music as experimental psychedelic twisted, and took alot of inspiration from the oldscool sounds of the early 90´s like Koxbox,Psychopod, X-Dream, Hallucinogen, TIP, Parasense,Orichalcum, Slinky Wizard, Etnica, Doof,MWNN, Elysium, Prana, Hux Flux, old Rastaliens, Total Eclipse,oldXenomorph, Logic Bomb and many more......






ASSIOMA Looney moon records []

Assioma is a psychedelic project started in 2007 in Spinea, a small town close to Venice, between two friends: Francesco (aka Prado) and Andrea (aka Cada).

Its unique sound stems directly from the psychedelic trance mixed with an extensive knowledge of rock music.

Assioma is developing an individual style based upon a great variety of musicality: strong pumping basslines, driving grooves and psychedelic synths brings you to a new dimension of crazy sounds!

The Assioma's philosophy gives you an unique positive energy on the dance floor thanks to a twisted sound and an innovative style of arrangement.




DJ sets:

Zvuk (Apsurdistan) Slo

Naveen (Labs of Perception) Slo

Tyma (Dancing Dragon) Slo

Rio (Life Celebration) Cro

Kristof (Akrobatik) Slo

Kris &Maggiox (T.T.M. Group) Ita

Skokni pa Lokni (Forestdelik) Slo

Kala (Sun station records, Forestdelik) Mak

Valvashar (Zenon rec., MinistarstvoPsyhodelije) Cro

Kris Kylven (U.X - Dragonfly Recs / Kissthesound Recs) France

Kilgore Trout (Dancing Dragon) Slo

Tilix (Dancing Dragon) Slo

I.d. (Dancing Dragon) Slo

Agent Mushroom (Flying Carpet) Slo

Chuich, Slo

Soundslave, Slo

Tian (100% Mizzart), Slo

Neo, Slo

Korn (Spiritual Submarine) Slo

Syntetic Dialog (Dancing Dragon, Synthetic dialog) Slo

Shoshana (Mami's magic) Slo

Damec (100% Mizzart) Slo

Joko (100% Mizzart) Slo

Naveen (Labs of Perception) Slo

Tyma (Dancing Dragon) Slo

and more....


Indiga Panj

Dancing Dragon Cartoons


+386 40 45 99 59



The Koupadelik festival will be held on a beautiful riverbank of the calm and warm Kolpariver, close to the village Božakovo in Slovenia.

Bozakovo (Metlika)

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