Hungary  Spirit Base Festival 2012 – „The Year of the Waterdragon“

Jun 6, 2012 20:15:00 - Jun 10, 2012 22:15:00, Rajka

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10 years Spirit Base Festival! For the anniversary the festival will go to Rajka in Hungary this year, 40 minutes from Vienna and 10 minutes behind the Austrian border. The location will be on a 15 hectares large island in the Danube plains. The parking and camping ground will be situated in a plantation of 1,500 green walnut trees, a beach for swimming is adjacent.The Chinese “Year of the Waterdragon” is the motto for 2012. The main-floor will be built in the shape of a dragon by the Ozora Deco Crew. 25 UV backdrops of the Austrian artist Psypix will embellish the surroundings. The 2nd floor in a huge circus tent, decorated by the British group The Frogz, will play Progressive Trance and Chillout day and night for 5 days.Visuals and projections will be shown by El Geko, BuzzT (Psynema), the Funny Astronaut and Sikanda. The dreamlike laser show will be performed by Kularis and the special lasers of Lasersystems. More than 120 live-acts and DJs originating from 20 countries are booked. Mc Coy’s SUN Project, Ultravoice, Psysex, Bamboo Forest, Aerospace, Alpha, Feuerhake, Bim and many others ensure for the finest Progressive, Darkpsy, Fullon, Morning Trance and Ambient sounds.

A restaurant will be erected next to the market area with 30 shops for the first time. The festival starts on Wednesday at midnight with a 15-minutes display of fireworks to celebrate the 10-year-anniversary. The Hungarian village of Rajka can be reached easily by train from Vienna and a shuttle bus leads directly to the festival. Pre-sale has started already. For more information and online tickets see

Extradimensional Space Agency (Ozora Deco Crew)The FrogzPsypix 


Live Acts:

Mc Coy´s S.U.N. Project (Sun Project Rec) Germany
Freaked Frequency (Utopia Records) Serbia
Heterogenesis (Rizoma Records) Argentina
Pragmatix (Rizoma Records) Argentina
Cosmos Vibration (Rizoma Records) Argentina
Suntree (Iono Music) Israel
E-Clip (Tesseract Studio) Serbia
XLR ( Side Wave Records/Woorpz Records) Portugal
Echotek (Time Stretch Music) Israel
Psilocybe Project (Namaha Rec.) Portugal
Ultravoice (Compact Rec.) Israel
J&B Project (Amplidudes Records) Germany
Hyperion (Amplidudes Records) Germany
Naked Tourist (Parvati Rec.) Germany
Alternative Control (Dacru Records) Serbia
-Z- (alpha & antagon) Germany
Meccano (Side Wave Records/Crystal Matrix) Portugal
Rising Dawn (Spun Rec Ibiza) Serbia
Atma (BMSS Records) Romania
Dezibel (Prog On Syndicate Rec.) Austria
Bamboo Forest (Agitato Rec.) Spain
Mechanix (Midijum Records) Israel
Patch Bay (Mosaico Records) Brazil
Orgonflow (Woodrom Records) Swiss
Double Click (Echos Rec.) Israel
Aerospace (Digital Nature Rec.) Israel
Rocky (Echoes Records) Israel
Symbolic (Echoes Records) Israel
Egorythmia (Iono Music) Macedonija
Feuerhake (Synergetic Rec) Germany
Psysex (Egohunter, Nano Rec.) Israel
Y-East (Y-production) Hungary
Chromatic (Multiplex Rec.) Hungary
N.R.G.Cell (Polena Records) Hungary
Green Cosmos (Y-Production) Hungary
Cortex (Boundless Records) Israel
Polaris (Neurobiotic Records ) France
Nerso (Tesseract Studio) Serbia
Middle Mode (Tesseract Studio) Serbia
Silver Sun (Panmusic Records) Serbia
Xses (Blue Tunes Records) Mexico
Xahno (Sounds of Earth ) Mexico
Helber Gun (Iono Music) Mexico
Zonka (ON Music) Mexico
Jiser (Glamour Bookings) Mexico
Blue Grow (Iono Music) Mexico
Etic (Digital Nature Records) Israel
Solaris Vibe (Digital Nature Records) Israel
Timeless (Digital Natures Records) Israel
Alion (Digital Natures Records) Italy
Materia (24/7 Records) Austria
Caban (lebeliebe lache) Austria
Human Groove aka Crazy Fraggle (United Fraggles) Austria
Nono (Desser Vortex) Austria
Klangmassage (RHF Soundlab) Austria
-Z- (alpha & antagon) feat. MC COY Germany
Entheogenic ( Chillcode Records ) England
Kuba ( Chillcode Records) England
Chronos (Altar Records) Russia
Alwoods (Altar Records) Greece
Suduaya (Altar Records) France
Ancient Core (Synergetic Records) Romania
Land Switcher – France
Karuna (Synergetic Records) Austria
Klangrausch (Independent) Austria
Sunstryk (Plusquam Records) Germany
Funky Dragon (Iono Music) Serbia
Aioaska (Synergetic Records) Austria
Suduaya (Synergetic Records) France
Elegy (Ovnimoon Records) Italy
Lupin (Parabola Music ) Spain


Goblin (Egohunter Rec) Israel
Bim (Millenium Rec.) Germany
Nerso (Tesseract Studio) Serbia
Osho (Echoes Records) Israel
Alpha ( Germany
Djane Melburn (Y.S.E Rec.) Germany
Beauty & the Beat (Plastik Park/Tribal Vision) Germany
Sascha Flux (Attitude/Plusquam)
Anymel PsyProgg (Plusquam Rec.) Germany
Arkadius & Li´l Momo (Mosaico Records.) Germany
Iguana (Paravati Rec.) Germany
Pin (Mosaico rec.) Brazil
Tulla (YSE-Millenium Rec.) Germany
Vanja (Tribal Vision) Macedonia
Hruscsov (Y-production) Hungary
Botond (Prog On Syndicate Rec.) Hungary
Padawan (PSR Music/Alpentrauma) Germany
BuzzT ( Portugal
Akira Indika (Kannibalen Massaker) Germany
Thor (YSE/Millennium Rec) Germany
Djane Betty (Terrasect Studios ) Netherlands
Miss Butterfly (Plusquam Records) Austria
Sinus (Darklines) Austria
Malex (Spirit-Base) Austria
Fidelis (Banyan Rec.) Austria
Micl (Spirit-Base) Austria
Neon Hippies (Epiphysis Rec.) Austria
Wuzdoc (Spirit-Base) Austria
Djane Naima (Acidance Records) Austria
Philharmonica (Spirit Base) Austria
Alezzaro (Progressive Selection) Austria
Tapanov (Spirit Base) Austria
Fame Forward (Aquatica Crew) Germany
InnerSpace (Suntrip Records) Germany
Spiky (Diaphanmusic) Germany
Gobayashi (Astralzone) Austria
Tommes (Unisono) Austria
mayaXperience (SOUNDLAB PIRATES) Austria
Iken (2to6 Rec/Knecht) Austria
Sabsunshine ((Soundlab Pirates) Austria
Mahodin (Timetheatre) Austria
Psywolf (DACRU Records, Paradise Festival) Austria
Djibril (Soundlab Pirates) Austria
Ro-Tama (Soundlabe Pirates) Austria
Kajola (Zero Grafity Rec) Austria
Pinocio (SoundlabPirates) Austria
Wolle (Independent) Austria
Paradox (Zero Grafity Rec) Austria
P_Mac (Boom Fest) Portugal/Austria
NBL (Progressive Selection) Austria
Soultribe (Klangzirkus) Austria
Zuktaka (Klangzirkus) Austria
Wichtlgsichtl (wichTLgsichTL) Austria
Helios (Psycarus) Austria
Miss Butterfly aka Djane Nicoletta (Cosmicleaf Records) Austria
Don Ziggy (Peak Records) Austria
Nena Neno (Sun of the Stars) Austria
Dakini (Global Tribe Sound System) Austria
Leitmotiv (Bio Organic Dj Culture) Austria
Caban (lebeliebelache) Austria
Goandi (Children of the Future) Austria
Cosmic Sada Shiva (Deep Space Zoon) Austria
Arctara (Zero-Point Creation) Austria


Mind-blowing new Decoration of the Ozora Deco Crew

For Spirit Base 2012 we will create a Dragon of Light to transform the spirits on the main-floor. The design and presentation will be done by the Extra Dimensional Space Agency with support by a backdrop collection of Carin Dicksons and supported by extradimensional technologies, Dreamlike dragon egg formations and a golden center light sculpture will unfold with light below the wings of the dragon and will spread inspiration to the audience. The dragon will create vibrations of surprise in the eyes of the people.


online presale tickets:

01.03.2012 - 01.05.2012 - 70€
01.05.2012 - 21.05.2012 - 80€

on the gate

Mi. 06.06 ab 09.00h - So. 05.06 - 90€
Do. 07.06 ab 09.00h - So. 05.06 - 80€
Fr. 08.06 ab 09.00h - So. 05.06 - 60€



Rajka/Hungary, near the Austrian border

Danube Island

Rajka Hungary

40 Minutes from Vienna by car. Drive direction to Bratislava and after the border take the first small country road to the right to Rajka, there you'll see the signs.

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