Peru  PACHAMAMA HATUN FESTIVAL 2012 cambio ciclico/tiempo de arte

Jul 29, 2012 13:00:00 - Aug 3, 2012 17:00:00, cusco

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Date: Jul 26, 2012
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Area: Events

house culture ( cultura wasi)

the area dedicated to multicultural enrichment, where we share and exchange knowledge. anyone wishing to hold a workshop please contact us.

workshops: talleres :
basic quechua (runasimi) language workshop
circular breathing with the didgeridoo workshop
wind instrument workshop (quena flutes and 'sikus')
charango workshop
harmonic singing workshop
mantras workshop
making mandalas with paper cut outs workshop
making andean textiles workshop
shipibo painting and design workshop
shipibo embroidary workshop
women's circle
men's circle

conference onwachuma "the power plant"
conference on ayauasca "the power plant"
conference on planting native seeds and the harm of transgenetic planting

seminar on the social problems of latin america and it's corrupt governments

seminar on andean cosmology from the point of view of andean youth and the world

independent films :
over 40 films, shorts and documentations of various subject matter and languages

art exposition: :
this exposition will look at various painting styles from a wide range of painters, art instalations, and other such art related material. if interested in participating or sharing your art medium please contact us


it is an area entirely dedicated to the performing arts where will also be dictated workshops, circus variettes and theatrical talent show, renegades and disco club
those who are interested in proposing new workshops, new stagings contact us.
- clown workshop
- acroyoga workshop
- contact dance workshop
- percussion workshop
- african dance
- capoeira angola-workshop
- afro-peruvian dance
- aerial dance workshop (cloth)
- acrobatics workshop
- nailed workshop and balls
- swing workshop (strings, barillas short, bara, barillas long)
- ula ula workshop
- workshop contact ball
- shared music workshop (meeting of musicians)

circus and theater artists with their respective numbers and staging will be presented
- talent show:
is a space where everyone is invited to exhibit some talent that they want to share

space for the more adventurous who want to show some free number

within 6 days of the festival will be 2 days of disco on the premises of the circus

sacred fire

the central circle of the sacred fire circulo central del fuegosagrado oriented toward group activities:

public ceremonias

pachamama ceremony
mamakilla ceremony
toning ceremony and sacred fire
rape ceremony amazonian tobacco ceremony

artistic activities :

story circle
canvas mural painting
way of the angels
food circle
face and body painting
kissing circle
silent concert
acrobat parade
batukadas drumming circle
circus parade
free hugs


participation of artists and reciprocal offerings
ofrecimiento reciproco

we invite all of those with an artistic bent to our third annual alternative multicultural gathering "pachamama hatun festival 2012" to present and share in this event.
calling all: leaders of workshops of various subject matter, presentors of various themes, alternative art presentations, medicinal plant experts, music or sound therapists, dancers, musical groups, plastic artists, eco-construction experts, deco-artists, ??? dj's, mc's and more
your project should fall in line with the criteria and conceptual framework of this gathering.
those that wish to participate should send your workshop or project ideas to our website link or facebook page, we will respond with questions, concerns or for clarification.
our festival is self-generating, all work is voluntary and comes from the individual offerings of each participant??? as payment for your generous offerings of time and skill, our organization offers room and board in a comfortable house with vegetarian food options and other bonuses

support group

this is an invitation to all communities, groups, families and alternative tribes in peru and all over the world, to share your art, knowledge and traditions, teachings for us all to learn. in this, we create one consciousness of peace and harmony so that we may share in a better world together with the energy of the great creator.
we invite you all to participate in our third annual alternative multicultural pachamama hatun festival 2012
these support groups will begin in july. we will gather to begin making decorations, the eco housing structures, organizing the timing and programming of the various activities, and other such jobs. these activities will take place in the sacred valley, near pisac and for your participation you will receive a room in a community house and/or camping space, in addition you will be considered part of the staff which allows access to daily meals.

volunteer work

the pachamama hatun festival 2012 organization invites all of those wish to volunteer in the following areas:
the building and take down of the structures ie stages etc, housekeeping and cleaning, organizing and helping with flow and feng shui of the spaces, overseeing, acting as a support person to artists, workshoppers and other such presenters. we require all those wishing to volunteer as artist support people to have some affinity with art and may be able and willing to offer creative knowledge or suggestions (to create a relationship of reciprocity). in exchange for being a volunteer in one of these areas, we offer you:
free entrance and meals 3 times a day
participation in all of the programmed activities
all volunteers will be set up to take turns so that you can enjoy this wonderful festival which begins on july 23rd and will end on july 26th. we will need your help to take down the festival as well.

space is limited for volunteers. potential volunteers can begin to sign up on july 1st on our web page only (signing up on facebook is not an option)
ama sua (do not be thieving )
ama llulla (do not be lying)
ama quella (do not be idle)
-renting stands for food and items for sale (alquiler de stands )

we will have an area of stands for rent to use to sell your goods. they are 9
square meters big 10 stands are available total for rent. the stands have walls,
roofs and a table and are constructed out of natural materials. the food court is
right next to the stands rentals place. the cost of the stand is 270 nuevo soles
or $100. with a stand rental you are given 2 free tickets to enter the festival.

-entrance: charging the entrance fee
-staff helping to control the flow and overseeing the entrance will be in this area.
-list of artists, dj's, presentors
-list of invitees
-volunteer list
safety zone: checking for objects not permitted into the festival, as well as sketchy people acting with a conduct which is not positive or permitted for this festival this zone will be designated for vigilante staff. the following items are not permitted into this festival:
-fire arms
sharp objects, barring tools used for the preparation of foods
beverages in glass bottles (there will be a bar in the festival selling all types of drinks)

-drug traffic
people with a history of theft
aggressive people who could disturb the harmony of the festival
please avoid bringing any of the aforementioned objects and do not invite or bring people whose conduct is questionable. aggressive types will not be allowed into the festival; if tickets have been pre-purchased but the person's behavior is deemed unfit for the festival, they will be reimbursed for their ticket purchase.
these security measures have been put in place based on experience from past festivals to ensure the most harmonious and peaceful experience for everyone. thank you for your participation and understanding.
-information house
this is the area where we will welcome folks to the festival, explain how things will go, provide guidelines so we can ensure a harmonious gathering, a schedule of the event's activities and where they will be held, and all other necessary information for a positive co-creation experience.
-main stage
- chill out stage /relax
-tribal raymi stage/psytrance
- discotec club
- the central circle of the sacred fire
-wasi culture
-parking and for caravans:
this area will be designated for parking of cars and caravans. it's close to the main part of the festival

food court:
during the festival we advise everyone to stay well nourished during the festival. the food plaza will be open 24 hours a day so you may sate your hunger at any moment!
there will be food stands, restaurants, snacks, juices with national and international cuisine, vegetarian, traditional andean, vegan and meat options.
if you wish to cook your own food, we ask you to please not make fires close to camping areas and instead to use the alternative kitchen for cooking.
water for the festival will come from a natural well and it potable. please be mindful to separate organic materials from non-organic materials (we will compost organic material in our compost bin) thanks!
- festival mix:
this area will encompass stands where hand made goods such as alternative clothes, accessories, souvenirs, natural products, juggling pins and more
-hippie festival (traveling artists):
traveling artisans will have jewelry, leather, macrame, wood works, textiles and more for sale.
-healing temple/medical post:
this area will be dedicated to sharing natural healing techniques with medicinal plants, aromatherapy, therapeutic massage, as well as medical practitioners and first aid.

-wawa was i (daycare):
child care area. you may bring your child for a three hour time slot in the morning or in the afternoon. we will provide painting and art activities, story telling and positive group projects. we provide this care so parents can enjoy some free time at the festival. please be respectful of the schedule and pick you child up on time.

-lost articles:
area to leave opposing elements and to be located by his owners is grateful for the collaboration to itself of all in order that this area fulfills his aim

-basic services:
*dry bathroom:
using ancient techniques will use the dry bathroom technique to reduce constant water contamination. this year we have a team of experts on the task who will construct effective dry bathrooms (better than in years past). there will be bathroom cleaning staff 24 hours a day.
this year we will have adequate showers for the hygiene of ??? we recommend you use only natural bathing products to keep from contaminating the earth. we will have a shop with natural artisan products for sale.
we will have a bio-dynamic farmer helping us work the compost ???
we will divide the garbage into 4 types: organic (compost), metals, batteries, paper and plastic (clean)

-coat check
this is a private area for safekeeping of personal belongings. there is an additional cost if you wish to store your things here.

we will have two types of group security
*one will be provided by a private company specializing in events management for large groups. they will be strategically placed at different points of the festival.
*the other type of security will be provided by local village people we have hired to make constant rounds to ensure the harmony of the area.
there will be various camping areas, some closer to music stages and others in more quiet zones. you may choose which type of area you want to be in. the camping areas are safe and watched over by vigilantes/ security from both groups, who provide constant attention to these zones. we ask for your collaboration by keeping your tents closed, securing your valuables and communicating concerns with festival staff and security if you see suspicious behavior.
-alternative community kitchen
in this area we will install artisan adobe wood fired kitchens. we will provide some pots and pans and other kitchen tools. please take good care of these things and make sure you leave the kitchen cleaner than how you found it! this is a community kitchen shared by all.
we will provide some wood for cooking but you may also collect wood for cooking from the valley. please use only dry wood- we ask you to not cut down living trees.

basic elements:
we recommend you bring the following items for a comfortable stay at the festival:
sun block
musical instruments
tent, sleeping bags
warm clothes (it gets cold at night)
personal garbage bags
locks (for your tent etc)
kitchen tools (plates, pots, silverware)

and whatever else you might need to be comfortable
lots of love!
much happiness!
much respect for yourself and others!
lots of good energy to have a super good time in harmony with nature!

macapura (alternative concept)
: music, art, culture, harmony, peace, union, respect and amor

once you get to cuzco you can find many transportation companies that will take you around the sacred valley. there are also smaller companies that run "colectivos" or vans or group taxis. bus terminals are close to the plaza de armas in cuzco, on puputi street, the bus stop is by the rosaspata market, avenue tullumaya. most of these buses run through the sacred valley and will leave you close to the festival. by bus it should take you 45 minutes to arrive to the festival from cuzco and by taxi it should take 30 minutes with a taxi or colectivo.
you have to go to coya, which is past pisac. once you are in coya, you go further to the town of macay, cross the bridge , stay to the right until you reach the old town of mauca macay

past festivals
pachamama hatun festival 2010

our first multicultural alternative gathering lasted 3 days in the vacation town of urpicancha by the huacarpay lake, next to pre-incan ruins and surrounded by beautiful andean nature. 300 people gathered to participate in all types of workshops, ceremonies and conferences.
the after party "tupacachis kama" was held in the tayta home hostal, in san blas, cuzco. everyone felt so grateful for such an amazing gathering and this is how and when we began to realize the second annual pachamama hatun festival.

pachamama hatun festival 2011

this was held in the town of coya in the sacred valley of the incas, near magical mountains and the sacred river of wilcamayu. we added an extra day to this festival to extend our workshops and artistic endeavors.
we had our classic after party tupananchis kama in the inka hostal in the san blas neighborhood of cuzco.
pachamama hatun festival 2012 (cyclical changes/time of the art)

m.a.c.a.p.u.r.a. alternative concept

this is a new concept of an alternative oldest known
p.l.u.r. used in trance parties in the world as the trance music and other trends are part of an alternative society that is establishing a growing geometric awareness of life different from that which implements and enforces our current system, where time is money and consumerism our economic life sentence.this new concept is also inspired by the lifestyle of our tribal peoples of the world.m.a.c.a.p.u.r.a. speaks of a way of life of union among people living in harmony and respect, so forming an alternative culture that enjoys music and art for a better coexistence filled with much love and peace among human beings with the pachamama (universe)
music. art, culture, harmony, peace, unity, respect and loveeeeeeeeee.

concept of koka kintu the festival symbol

we take this sacred plant as a symbol of our meeting on the importance of our andean culture and what it represents for our people who have preserved this ancient ritual from ancient to modern times. joining these 3 koka leaves we form the sacred kintu to ask our apus (deities) know how to drive us on this road to better harmony with the pachamama.
koka kintu
as they call in the andes, is an ally of the andean people. for these people, coca is a gift from god or inti - the sun. here comes the magic value in rituals can advise, provide insights or special knowledge. in addition, the leaf is an offering that is deposited in specific locations and is used in many ceremonies, for protection and promote a good harvest. on the other hand, koka is essentially a means of social cohesion in the andean world. in events such as births, marriages and funerals where it meets the community can not miss coca. without it is difficult to create social relationships. another traditional use is in medicine, among the many evils that coca cures or relieves we can highlight the dysentery, ulcers, upset stomach, dislocations, edema or swelling, cold and sorojchi or altitude millions of andean chew coca or take coca tea. the peasants, workers and students of the andes, used to ward off sleep, hunger and thirst, as in other cultures used coffee as a mild stimulant. provides energy at work and, therefore, is essential in regions where there are few food choices.

currently, the lack of the leaf means in some regions the immediate rise in malnutrition rates.
the koka is not eaten alone but is accompanied by the llijt'a, which is an alkaline of paramount importance in the act of chew. no miner or worker chews without the application of the llijt'a, possibly a side effect of long-term single koka. the llijt'a is made of different materials. in the highlands, generally, is prepared in the ash of the quinoa stalks, sometimes mixed with a little sugar, water or alcohol, sometimes with cooked potatoes. this, then knead well, dried in the sun until it becomes as solid as a rock.

the leaf of coca in the exage

the archaeological traces of the road far koka back to about 2000 bc. the incas used the koka for various purposes, as an expression of friendship, as currency, to reward services. derived from them also the sacred leaf koka. mixed with vegetable oils are used to soften the rocks. it was the incas who discovered its therapeutic and medicinal use began in the koka. the inca empire provided for the establishment of plantations that were owned by the inca

pachamama hatun festival
this is a temporary autonomous alternative meeting that takes place in natural environments for a better connection with the universe.
inspired by the best festivals of art and alternative culture in the world.
participants learn, teach, collaborate and receive cooperation, work together, listen and are listened. since it is a family celebration that creates an alternate reality experience together to form a friendship and love for a transition to a new consciousness.
we are a gathering with many visions, and recognize the personal and cultural diversity therefore affirm the characteristics of each populance, condemning the discrimination made for the economic difference, racial, ethnic, cultural and religious.
we are just different facets of a single consciousness, there is no top-bottom: we are all one
we believe in all tendency to the development of knowledge beyond the limitations imposed on thought by prejudices accepted as absolute or immutable.
we draw inspiration from tribal peoples around the world because they are still living in harmony with the earth.
we trust them because we think they can teach much to modern society.
thus, in the midst of this variety of events in a world increasingly rapid and complex we make the third edition of our multicultural meeting alternative to multiple actions through art, music, workshops, conferences, circus, theater, ritual , knowledge and fun able to experience other possibilities and enhance these trends that make us more humane, generous and vivid
ahinsa (non-violence in thought, action and word)
ama sua (do not steal)
ama llulla (do not be idle)
ama quella (do not lie)


- IGUANA (parvati records) ALEMANIA

Naked Tourist (connecting the Tribes)


- UGGY BUGGY (Zero Gravity Records) BRASIL

- GEOMETRICA (mision paralela) CHILE

- MAHADEVA ( Womb Records) BRASIL



- YIN YANG (under voice records) BOLIVIA

- LE GUIDE (under voice records) BOLIVIA

( Line up opened - we continue updating)

1.TRIBAL RAYMI (psy stage)

- IGUANA ( parvati records ) ALEMANIA

- ANDEAN ( Andean Tribe Recs. )- BOLIVIA

- PSYCAT( katarsis / sanctuary ) BELGICA


- CONEXION ANIMAS ( Andean Tribe Recs. ) - BOLIVIA

- INTILION (cool freedom ) CHILE

- FRACTAL CHILD (tentaculos producciones) ARGENTINA

- KIKE ALZAMORA (psycotrip) PERU

- RAYMI (triptamina records ) PERU

- FENIX (white house) BRASIL

- COSMIC SOUND ( Andean Tribe Recs. ) BOLIVIA

- DEEP SOUTH ( Andean Tribe Recs. ) BOLIVIA

- DALA ( Nano Rec. ) SUD AFRICA

- NAHUALIEN ( Andean Tribe Recs. ) BOLIVIA

- DULIO ( Andean Tribe Recs. ) - BRASIL

- WASHUMA ( psyperu ) PERU

- ARTUR SALIZAR (dissolving sounds ) PERU

- BALAGI EXXA ( Andean Tribe Rec.) BOLIVIA

- LIQUIDAN (Rainbown3rds Records.) ALEMANIA

- @STRO (@stral @ngels / Enzyme Recs) - CHILE


- LATTUS (under voice recs) BOLIVIA

- CHEMYKALL (triptamina records) PERU

- GALAX (triptamina records ) PERU

- PHARA (ayllu prod) BOLIVIA

- CESAR CHUNK (triptamina recs / lsd e.) PERU

- KHRONNOS(psynestecia crew/undervoice recs)ARGENTINA

- ANGKOR (psy yantra proyect ) PERU

( Line up opened - we continue updating)

**************** CHILL OUT *****************

- IGUANA (parvati records ) ALEMANIA

Naked Tourist live (connecting the Tribes)

- DUBKA (inkadisco) CUSCO

- MAESSE CHILLUN (a.k.a rama xul) argentina

- DJ SINAKARA (triptamina records) PERU

- MACROPSYA ( geometribe )CHILE

- ALUX DUB ( burning trip recs ) ARGENTINA

( Line up opened - we continue updating)

**************.ESCENARIO PRINCIPAL***************:

bandas invitadas, solistas y dj,s


- LA TUYA Y LOS 1500 (rock fusion) PERU


- DOCTOR AGUINAGA (perfomance audiovisual PERU

- CUMPA TRONIC (pop electronico PERU

- RETUNBAYA (batucada) PERU

- CHACRUNA (tribal fusion)PERU

- WAYRA ROOTS ( reggae )PERU

( Line up opened - we continue updating)

- *********** DISKOTECH **********

- DUBKA (inkadisco) CUSCO

- KELVIN SUCĂ‘ER (inkadisco) CUSCO

- ROOSSELL MYM (inkadisco) CUSCO

- FAB UNDA (inkadisco) CUSCO

- ANDRE CL (inkadisco) CUSCO

- D'JAHMAICA (cool freedom) CHILE

- ADREAN ESTEBAN (l.s.d. clubber) PERU

- JON ARAGON ( mushroons/mullu ) PERU

- ERICK DUMMONTS (inka sound recs) PERU




- MARX DIAZ ABAD ( lsd e. ) PERU

- DJ NES ( top ten babilon sounds ) PERU

- MISTA BWOY ( triptamina records ) PERU

- DJ CHAKRUNA ( terror negro recs ) PERU

- DANIEL SELECTA ( reggae house ) PERU

- DIEGO ARAGON (southbass ) PERU

- HUGO GAMERO (southbass ) PERU


- PICOAGA & REPETTO (southbass ) PERU


- GERARDO GUTI (beat attack ) PERU

- RAKI SELEKTAH (beat attack ) PERU


- CBASIVIEY ( coztanoztra ) CHILE

( Line up opened - we continue updating)



- ZOREE VJ ( under voice records) BRASIL

- OM EYE VJ ( psy yantra proyect ) PERU

- QHAWAY FRAME ( acha chaow ) PERU

- AERES (draconic feathers ) NYC

- LIBELULA (ayllu prod.)BOLIVIA

( Line up opened - we continue updating)

*******************DECORACION PSY*****************

PACHATRONIK CONEKSHON (etnic psy / deco art )


M.A.C.A.P.U.R.A.(concepto alternativo )



If you are in the city of the cusco there you were finding several companies of transport that go to the sacred valley of the inkas and also other small enterprises of collective taxi these terminuses of buses are near the square(seat) of weapon they are


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