Russia  Trimurti festival

Jun 8, 2012 16:00:00 - Jun 12, 2012 16:00:00, Moscow region

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Date: Mar 28, 2012
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Trimurti – is the open-air festival that reveals three sacred forms of being – Creation of Brahma, Maintenance of Vishnu and Destruction of Shiva, develops those forms into music and all sacred art.

We live at times when communications between people on the Planet is transforming tremendously, when the music has become the way to explore the inner worlds of consciousness, when kids are speaking languages of other civilizations. Trimurti has become the place that attracts open-minded people from all over the world to unite in dancing, to let their sensitive souls to feel the joy and pulse of life.

For the fourth time Trimurti is ruled by the Full Moon drawing us into universal whirlpool of cosmic energies, celebrating happiness and integrity. We are getting together to create the space where self-realization, love and harmony, likeness and mutual understanding are the rule.

Trance is the music essence of Trimurti. Trance of all kinds has the soft power and exploding energy, mighty rhythm and hypnotizing melody that open minds of people giving them code of access to the true freedom of body and soul. Trance evokes the magic energy that synchronizes vibrations of Earth and every single dancing soul connecting them to the great Soul of Dance.

There will be more sunsets and dawns of Trimurti. This year we will have four days and four nights to enjoy meeting old friends, dive into creative fantasies of talented musicians artists.

In harmony with natural rhythms of Universe, the movement of Sun, Full Moon and Moon Eclipse we flow, in concordance with the Rule of Sacred Geometry that correlate all beings and occurrences. The sacred knowledge opens the door to The World of Sacred Art.

Five days of Trimurti is the unforgettable trip through five Elements. You will have the Earth of dance floor and forest paths, the live Water of rivers and brooks, the Fire that will keep you warm at night, and Ether of joyful emotions that vibrates in each moment of the festival.

Trimurti is the impulse of tipple power that reveals the Spirit of Absolute Freedom.

The Trimurti (sanskrit: ‘three forms’) is a concept in Hinduism "in which the cosmic functions of creation, maintenance, and destruction are personified by the forms of Brahmā the creator, Vishnu the maintainer or preserver, and Shiva the destroyer or transformer". These three deities have been called the "Great Trinity".


Main Stage


Dissociactive • Sun Station Records / Russia

Dohm • Forest Freaks / Lithuania

Ianuaria • BlueHourSounds / Austria

Liftshift • Neurobiotics Records / Netherlands

Midi Junkies • Utopia Records / Turkey

Nebula Meltdown • Suntrip Records / Finland

Neon • Pureuphoria Records / Denmark

Penta • AuraQuake Records / Azores

Re-Horakhty • Forest Freaks/ Lithuania

Sensient • Zenon Records / Australia

Soladria • Peyotii Recordings/ Finland

Sorrowmurk • Sun Station Records / Russia

Stigmouleur • Trimurti Records / Russia

Tribal Walkers • Uber Trend Records / Russia

Trollwood • Trimurti Records / Russia

Universcience • Astral Tribe Records / Russia

Zirrex • Hado Records / Russia


Afro • Afrosamurai Clan / Russia

Beathead • FDS-Crew / Germany

Electriena • Trimurti Records / Russia

Francis • FDS-Crew / Germany

Grab • Sun Station Records / Russia

Ivgenerate • Arkona Creation / Russia

Jazzmine • BlueHourSounds / Italy

Kayla Caryapadas • Grog Ltd / Russia

Luca • BlueHourSounds / Italy

Max Crystal • Vertigo Records / Russia

Mindwarp • Clocktail Monks / Ukraine

Psyco Zaika • Zaikadelic Records / Israel

Roam • Compact Records / Israel

Sgary • Purple Hexagon Records / Germany

Spuge User • Russia

Trickster • BK-Family / Russia

Tuatara • Trimurti Records / Indonesia

Unitone • Sun Station Records / Estonia

Zitron • Trimurti Records / Russia


Atlantida Project • Russia

Buddysense • Shum Records / Russia

Capsula • Ajana Records / Israel

Callipso-Collapsa • Russia

Cyberians • Russia

Dublicut • Afrosumurai Clan / Russia

Kuba • Liquid sound design / England

Liquid Crystal • Trimurti Records / Russia

Lunar Vegetarian • Finland

Mahaon • Russia

Mindex • Time Resonance Music / Russia

Monokle • Russia

Milinal • Russia

Mushroom Lab • Shum Records / Russia

Nuage • France

Psyfactor • Ajana Records / Russia

Planetarium • Russia

Rapapam • Russia

Salfetsky • Acidsamovar Records / Russia

Salto • Afrosamurai Clan / Russia

Sonnie Mishki • GoodKarmaRecords / Russia

Spectrum Vision • Sentimony Records / Russia

Syntetic Sunrise • Russia

Serж Жiro • Russia

Shogo Buzz • Trimurti Records / Russia

Super Special • Trimurti Records / Russia

Timoon • Vertigo Records / Russia

Wavespell • France

Uchu • Spaceradio Records / Russia


Afro • Afrosamurai Clan / Russia

Bud’jah • Russia

Bauer • BK Family / Russia

DUBRAW • Russia

Stealth • Russia

Ekza • Russia

Equinox • Forest Tribe / Russia

Jazzmine • BlueHourSounds / Italy

Kap6uk • BK Family / Russia

Liquid Joint • Russia

Luca • Blue BlueHourSounds / Italy

Nima • Afrosamurai Clan / Russia

Psyco Zaika • Zaikadelic Records / Israel

Ra • Russia

Sandal • Afrosamurai Clan / Russia

Spacely • Afrosamurai Clan / Russia

H2O • Russia

Vishnushkin • Russia

Zarenok • Afrosamurai Clan / Russia


3Delica • Russia

Goodvision • Russia

Afrosamurai Clan • Russia

Centaurus • Russia

Paradox • Russia

Moscow Sudhu • Russia



Moscow region

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