May 11, 2012 21:00:00 - May 12, 2012 06:00:00, Innsbruck

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Date: May 10, 2012
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Take the time and join us for an spontaneous stuffed awesome INSANE VISION Night full supported by International artists in Music and Art !!!

Feel the Power of the second Sun....connect ur consciousness and Dance together in another hyper dimensional Space...


***PARANDROID (Fantazy Rec./Damaru Rec) Munich

Parandroid is the Psychedlic Trance project by Samuel Z. from munich .

Born in 1987 the multi-faceted artist who grew up in several different countrys , had his first mind blowing experiences with psychedelia in 2004 . The following years where marked by traveling and experimentations with programming his own mind to create art .

Shortly After imatriculating on the academy for art in munich in 2008 the project Parandroid came to life . Fascinated by the possibilities of altering our mind by sonic waves he is stuck in production-mode since then .

His style stands out with a state of the art production Level , unique ideas and to the point arrangement .He stocked up his equipment with some badass synthesizers and tools to be weaponized to blow your head away .

In 2012 he founded FANTAZY REC with 4 other emerging artists from the high tech genre of psychedelic Trance .(Jak le Druide , Metaform, MIMIC VAT , Freq36)

Meanwhile Parandroid hooked up with some of the best Labels in the scene where he will present his cutting edge stuff like :AKASHIK , DAMARU , NOISE POISON , LAMAT ,ELECTRIC MOON ,RaagTaal ,Maniac Psycho Pro and many more .


***PAGAT (Bom Shanka Music) Aut

Pagat is the Alter-Ego of Roman D, an allegedly normal guy who is coincidentally residing in one of the Psychedelic Hot-Spots of Austria - Innsbruck. Feeling a close connection to all kinds of music through his whole life, Roman discovered the Psytrance Genre around the turn of the Millenium – got totally hooked and started to mix. Later he went on to organise smaller events in his hometown and over the following years managed to establish a big network of friends and like-minded artists around the planet. As the love to this music grew stronger and stronger, he now dedicates most of his money and time to collect the gadgets needed nowadays for electronic music production, in order to improve his own live act project. Pagat is now sailing under the flag of "Bom Shanka Music".

-----------------------------------------------------.....ADVANCED PSYCHEDELIC MUSIC....------------------------------------------------------------- -




PHILOSO ( Free Radical Rec.)



**NEIL GIBSON (Canada)


setting the channels and spaces with his

amazing Blacklight Art..


**PSYENCE FICTION Deco (Austria)

with a new setting of hyper dimensional objects and new ideas for the right float of ur energy....


Vaz Hafen, 149 Innrain, 6020 Innsbruck


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