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Date: Jul 3, 2008
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L.U.A.R (Limited cds & Unreleased Artist Records) L.U.A Records is a Psychedelic underground label based in UK, started in 2006 by Fred. Fred is the Trance Moon Radio Manager since 2004 and a DJ for many years. From this Radio, the contact with various unknown talented music producers around the world, inspired Fred to create L.U.A Records to edit and promote these Artists. L.U.A Records is totally independent and proud to have been promoting some Young Artists that have gone on now, to record for major record labels. As a Unique concept, L.U.A Records makes an exclusive manufacture of 100 limited CD copies for promotion matters. L.U.A.R believes in creativity and Originality, having with this an open mind and knowledge of current music trends. As a Psychedelic Record label, it has its focus in Psy Trance and Dark Trance but also likes to be aware of new productions in Electronic music. L.U.A. Records motto is 'Don't be limited .. Innovate !' L.U.A Records Releases to date: 2008 - LUARCD003 Nero EP Psychotic Romaniac 2007 - LUARCD002 Shivaz Project Trishula 2006 - LUARCD001 VA Psykick L.U.A Records (Limited cds & Unreleased Artist records) http://www.lua-records.com


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